E-commerce Marketing

Those who’ve entered the world of selling via an e-commerce website often ask, “How do I get new and returning customers to visit my site?” The answer is to build an e-commerce marketing plan based on who your customers are and where they spend their time online. Then delve into ways to reach them.

How Can I Get the Word Out?
  1. Paid advertising is the most straightforward way to reach new people. There are many options depending on your customers. Major options include Google product, search or display ads and Facebook ads.
  2. Align with shopping channels so your products appear on frequently-used e-commerce buying and comparison sites such as Amazon, eBay, Bizrate, Google Shopping, Nextag, and Shopzilla.
  3. Social media is ideal for connecting directly with potential customers and staying in touch with current ones. Use it for broadcasting company news, engaging in conversations, and advertising your products. And now, you can sell products directly from Pinterest and Facebook!
  4. Include public relations activities such as email campaigns, sending press releases with company updates, or guest blogging on other sites.
  5. Sponsored blogs help spread the word; this involves paying an influential blogger who already has a strong following to review your product.
  6. Build strong SEO to make it easier to find your pages. This means using keywords and understand how search engines will see your content.
  7. Remarketing is an effective way to attract users who have recently visited your site by directing ads to them, inspiring them to return. This can be done with Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
Leverage Analytics to Grow

A huge advantage of online marketing is that it generates statistics on a website’s traffic patterns. Reviewing the data in your site’s Google Analytics reports can help you align sales numbers to traffic, replica rolex submariner and continually adjust your online marketing strategies based on what’s showing to be most effective. Reviewing key data measures via Google Analytics is great for understanding:

  • Where your site traffic is coming from
  • The number of site clicks
  • What’s being bought, and how much
  • Where users leave the site
  • And much more!
How Medium Well Can Help

We have years of experience building and marketing e-commerce sites that align with our clients’ goals, budgets and logistics. Whether it’s for a product type that’s been sold online for years, or something newer to e-commerce, we can create and implement an integrated, flexible online marketing plan tailored to your needs.

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