Agency Support

A corporation’s website is often the first place a customer or stakeholder goes to learn about the company, its brands or subsidiaries, leading to return visits. The site must present the right aesthetics, branding and information, replica luxury watches while offering various types of simple to complex functionality. Corporations with strict aesthetic requirements often hire design agencies to create sophisticated-looking, precise layouts. Those design agencies, in turn, may need help with the programming needed to turn their vision into a live website. That’s where we come in.

Medium Well – Partnering with Agencies

At Medium Well, we partner with design agencies to provide complete technical support, enabling them to offer seamless web design and development services to their clients. We work directly with agencies as a behind-the-scenes partner, ushering projects from inception through completion. Since no two projects are alike, we provide the level of support appropriate for each project, including but not limited to:

  • An Account Manager based in our office who works one-on-one with the agency and is the liaison to our team of programmers who expertly build websites in various programming languages
  • Coaching and consultation throughout the design-to-build process on relevant technical nuances to keep the project on schedule and within budget
  • Integration of third-party-managed areas portals such as Careers/HR, Media, and Investor Relations portals – specific experience includes integration with NASDAQ (formerly Thompson Reuters) portals
  • Working with files created in Illustrator, PhotoShop or InDesign to create production-ready files
  • Search engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing components
  • Thorough pre-launch website testing for flow, functionality and general user-friendliness, acting on behalf of the client and end-user
Experience and Examples

Our 10-plus year track record includes building corporate websites for biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies, real estate brokers, non-profit organizations and more, including the following: