Custom Website Development

It’s time to build or update your website and you want it to stand apart from the pack. Your business has unique characteristics and your website should have a look and feel that’s representative of your brand. As your hub for online marketing, and possibly an operations device (i.e., if you sell products online), Medium Well can create your website to include the distinct aesthetics, functionality and features you need.

Properly developed websites combine technical acuity with creativity and common sense to provide visitors with a productive experience and attract more traffic. Whether you’re using the website to sell goods, offer services, gather leads, and/or continually provide useful content to your audiences, it can include these important custom-coded features (and many others!):

  • Database of customers acquired via the website
  • Customer forms, surveys and questionnaires
  • Ability to customize products (customers can upload their own design to a product, add embroidered initials, etc.)
  • Sales funnels with distinct leads triggers
  • Site segmentation with different website “states”
  • Website portal for B2B or B2C presentations of data

Resource: Glossary of online marketing and website development terms.

Important Web Development Considerations

The following areas are important to your overall online presence and each visitor’s experience, and can make the difference between someone leaving your site or staying to become an advocate or loyal customer.

  • The look and feel > your website must provide information visitors seek, in a clear and easy-to-navigate format. The design and content strategy should represent your business’s unique brand, vision and goals, with related search terms built in so that search engines can recognize it and lead people to it.
  • Content Management > most importantly, deepsea replica those updating content on the website must be able to do so easily. No longer does it require IT expertise to upload content. A user-friendly content management system such as WordPress makes it easy for administrators to add new pages, photos, text, etc. at any time.
  • Server-Side Scripting > this is the part of your website that communicates between the pages your customers visit and your online database. Your database may contain business information such as prices, products, supplies, etc. Properly implemented server-side scripting makes it so customers can easily access only what they need.
  • Client-Side Scripting> this focuses on the pages your customers interact with, and relates to managing how these pages look and how visitors interact with them. This is key to making the visitor’s experience on your site intuitive and informative.
  • Custom Coding and Design> while free website design templates may work fine for a basic website, they won’t facilitate projecting the professional image or authority you want to convey. Creating a custom site takes more effort, but is crucial for it to stand out from other sites. And this does not mean it has to be cost-prohibitive.
  • Database Management > Your business’s database likely contains vital information, from product orders to your customers’ log-in information, all of which you want to keep secure and organized through proper management and protection.
  • Network Security > The network you use to manage your website, communicate, and share sensitive information should have proper security and precautions to thwart attacks from hackers or disruptions such as an extended power outage.
How Medium Well Can Help

Medium Well can design, code and build your custom website to include all of the essential areas needed, filled with content provided by you or created with our help. The result will be a fluid, interesting and useful website that’s user-friendly for the visitor and those managing content updates and other functionality. We’ll set everything up so you can keep the site running exactly as you want and if desired, we’ll teach your team the best practices for implementing updates.

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