640 Noho – Website Showcasing Luxury NYC Residences

The goal with 640 Noho was to design a site that matched the sophistication of what they offer – high-end residential lofts with ultra-modern, sleek designs. The site also reflects the community of the Noho historic district, which is filled with culture and artistry. With the stunning, still photographs and simple color palate, the finished site captures the essence of exactly how they were looking to portray their building.

The site was designed by Fox and Gazelle, a communications agency specializing in brands and design, while Medium Well handled building the site. We always enjoys coordinating with them on projects since they produce consistently amazing work!

Even though the pictures have lots of detail, the goal was not to go too overboard with complexity. So they were converted to grayscale to help simplify them and make the site easier to take in.

In addition to giving an exact location so customers know exactly where to look, the other image capture the surrounding area and what people would expect if they lived in the area.

The next slideshow goes into further detail, giving detailed shots of the inside of the condos themselves.

The above page contains links to the layouts of several example rooms, so possible costumers can have all the relevant information they need if they were considering to buy a condo.

Medium Well handled the qQuery, HTML, CSS, and Lightbox aspects of the site.