Remarketing with Facebook

Did you know that you can run ads on Facebook that are targeted specifically to people who have visited your website?

If a user has visited a particular website of interest, perhaps as they’re browsing for vacation destinations, new cars, or clothes, then later when they’re on their Facebook page, an ad for that site appears on their homepage. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for users, as they’re going to see ads anyway so they might as well be for something they’ve shown interest in. It works similar to Google remarketing and is another part of the digital world we live in.

Making Facebook Ads Work for Your Business

With Facebook ads you have the ability to create “Custom Audiences”. Facebook custom audiences are lists of people that have shown an interest in your business. They can be in the form of:

  • Visitors you are tracking on your website or mobile app then sharing that information with Facebook (all set up with a piece of code embedded in your site)
  • Lists of phone numbers or emails that you provide

Facebook “hashes” the information, making the data unreadable, so no entity or individual can recognize it or see anyone’s individual information.

Target Ads Even More

Once your website is setup to track users, you can then segment your audience based on which pages they visit. For instance, if your business sells both hats and handbags, you can create different Facebook ads to go to hat page visitors or handbag page visitors. Another option is to target Facebook ads to people on your email list, and if that list is segmented then you can make the ads even more specific.

In order for your ads to serve as the friendly reminders you want them to be, and not be considered a nuisance, you can set time frames for them to appear. For example, you can set an ad to appear on the Facebook page of a user for two weeks after the user has visited your website.

This can be a very powerful, targeted advertising technique. Rolling out Facebook ad campaigns is a nuanced, interesting and effective process, as we’ve experienced when implementing them for clients who embrace online marketing opportunities.

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